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Michela Mii, made in Italy fast-fashion brand, is continuously evolving and in search of trends and innovations, without neglecting the importance of fabrics, fitting and the quality/price ratio.

When you look the Michela Mii fall/winter 2017-18 collection you don’t realize immediately its potentials but you gradually notice that nothing is left to chance.

A big part of the the collection gives the possibility of turning a daily outfit into a bold night look!

The collection is certainly created to appeal to a wide consumer, it can satisfy a business woman as well as a young working girl.

The choice of the fabrics shows you how Michelle, the young designer of the collection, well knows that a heavy cloth is useless in Autumn since most of the persons live and work within four walls (office-home) which are over heated.

The best solution seems to be “overlap and subtract”.

Sweaters, pants, shirts and dresses…everything turns around a carousel where everything fits with everything and where combining with intuition, the outfits multiply themselves!

Reversing becomes a funny and useful game. Michelle has put no limits in it: an elegant velvet jacket is worn upside down and becomes a fantastic passe-partout.

A damask bomber…try to put it upside down and let’s discover an elegant jacket.

A black faux-leather skirt, worn with a pair of leggings can be re-interpreted and you’ll be ready for a clubbin’ party night! An elegant stretch cotton shirt can be reversed and buttoned on the back showing off a “haute couture” neckline!


coming soon…



08:30 ~ 17.30

Via Dei Lanaioli , 47 CENTERGROSS


tel +39 051 0874818
cell +39 3423188329

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